We provide professional consultations for many aspects of horticulture, including: tree risk assessment, tree protection, landscape design, landscape inspections, irrigation system inspections, “Do-It-Yourself” advice, and more. We do charge for the time, but the service is well worth the price. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our professionals (251) FOR-TREE or (251) 367-8733.

On Staff:

  • ISA Board Certified Master Arborist
  • ISA Certified Arborist
  • ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification
  • AUFA Urban Forestry Certification
  • ALNLA Certified Landscape Professional
  • Alabama State Licensed:
  • – Tree Surgeon
  • – Pest Control Supervisor

Typical consults are for:

  • Tree health
  • Tree Structure
  • Pruning Advice
  • Outdoor Inspections (especially real estate transactions)
  • Plant Problems
  • Pest Problems
  • General Horticulture
  • Legal matters involving trees

Why would I need a consult?

  • Are my trees healthy?
  • Are my trees safe?
  • Will these limbs fall on my house?
  • What bug is this and what to do?
  • What are natural ways to handle pests without pesticides?
  • How can I control invasive species?
  • What is a good plant/tree for this area?
  • How and when should I prune my crape myrtles and other plants?
  • Should I paint pruning cuts with tar or paint?
  • Should I use concrete to fill cavities?
  • What fertilizers do my plants need?
  • How can I grow grass under my tree(s)?
  • How do I “save” trees from damage, disease, and death?
  • Do I need a permit to prune, remove, plant, or install hardscaping?
  • Do I need an irrigation system?
  • What do I do about drainage and water issues?
  • How can I be a better steward of the environment?
  • How can I reduce my utility bills?
  • What is wrong with my plant(s)?
  • Is my irrigation system efficient and/or effective?
  • Are my plants installed correctly?
  • How do I plant properly, and why does it matter?
  • How do I select good nursery stock?
  • Where are the roots on my trees?
  • Why are the roots above ground, and what can be done?
  • Are these roots going to crack my foundation, driveway, or sidewalk?
  • What is the value of my tree(s) or landscape?
  • What are these stinky mushrooms, and what can I do about them?
  • How can I keep my plants from growing?
  • Is mistletoe harmful to my trees?
  • My trees have fuzzy stuff on the bark; what is it; is it harmful; and what can be done?
  • Are these native subterranean or Formosan termites, and what can be done?
  • Are roots in my septic tank or sewer line, and what can be done?
  • Are there standards for proper tree care: planting, pruning, cable/bracing, lightning protection, construction, etc…?
  • What are the risks of hiring someone that is unlicensed, not properly insured, or does not carry workers compensation?
  • How do I talk to the city, county, or utility company about butchering my tree(s)?
  • I am looking at buying this property; are there any concerns that need to be addressed?
  • I am thinking about building here; will it damage my tree(s)?
  • Why do so many trees fail during storms, and how can I prevent that?

A few “not-so-fun” facts:

  • Trees do not heal; they can only seal.
  • Damage to a tree stays with it forever; prevention is key.
  • Urban trees are in a much different and harsher environment than their forested counterparts.
  • Most large tree problems can be prevented while the tree is small.

Additionally, Chris Francis and Donavan Ballard can provide inspections on trees from the ground and aerially. We can use non-invasive procedures to remove soil and inspect root systems. We can provide detailed reports, presentations, education, and testimony.  We can provide audits, adjustments, and repairs to irrigation systems, drainage, and landscape lighting.  Chris and Donavan have more than 20 years experience and thousands of hours of education in horticulture and arboriculture.  We can address most horticultural concerns, but our focus and passion is tree care.

Chris is not only a Certified Arborist, but a Board Certified Master Arborist and a Certified Landscape Professional, and is licensed in all 4 horticultural categories by the state of Alabama. He also has received training and certificates in lighting, irrigation, urban forestry, and more. Chris has worked and trained with industry leaders, and he has received awards for accomplishments.  Chris has cared for numerous historic trees, including the AL state champion live oak.  Chris continues to work with many residential and commercial clients as well as garden clubs and municipalities.

Donavan Ballard is also highly qualified, holding his Arborist Certification, Tree Risk Assessment Qualification, Urban Forestry Certification, and a background in landscaping and human health.  There are many parallels between human health and plant health.

There is no substitute for a qualified arborist. Most landscape architects, landscape installers, maintenance contractors, and tree services are not trained or certified in arboriculture.  So, even if you already are working with an architect, engineer, designer, contractor, surveyor, landscape architect, or similar service, you still need a qualified arborist on your team.  We can work with other professionals, and even provide guidance for your favorite landscaper or tree service.

You need Chris Francis Tree Care!  251-367-8733