Plant Health Care

The reasons for plant health care range from new home purchase inspection to landscape preservation.  When purchasing a new home, Chris Francis Tree Care can provide you with a health report on the significant trees on the property you are buying.
Another primary reason is advice on the trees you have on your property, which when done correctly can help reduce the risk of tree loss from factors such as insect pests, fungal decay, root problems, and storms.
Chris Francis is a Board Certified Master Arborist.  Donavan Ballard is a Certified Arborist.  They can not only provide you a full report on all your primary vegetation but also perform any procedures needed to secure your living assets.  Our services range in scope and size from minor trimming to large-scale tree repair.
The Eastern Shore is known for its beauty, and a good portion of that vision comes from its majestic trees. These trees are not only attractive; they also add a great deal of value to many of the properties on the Eastern Shore.  By using Chris Francis Tree Care to maintain the health of your trees and old growth shrubs, you are not only protecting your interest, you are also preserving your community’s beauty.  Many landmark homes in Daphne and Fairhope host these trees, as well as Malbis, Montrose, Spanish Fort, Magnolia Springs, and Point Clear.  Knowing the health of your trees will help you make the right choice when considering their upkeep.
Many homes along the Eastern Shore have very rare shrubs and small trees.  To better protect these from pests, disease, and decline, you should consider having one of our specialists perform an evaluation.  Chris Francis Tree Care can also provide you with any upkeep you may need and how to go about performing these maintenance and fertilization methods.
Chris Francis is a Board Certified Master Arborist living and working on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay.  He has been serving customers in the area for two decades, having built a reputation for reliability and fair prices along the way.
Its visible appearance cannot always judge tree health or structure.  Many times when a tree fails, it is green and appears to be healthy.  Many people overlook the things that can not be seen such as root health or internal decay.  Another thing that can affect the Trees health is a pest. Some may bore into the tree and never be visible. Then there is tree disease that can affect the integrity and strength of the tree.  Wood decay can also occur on the inside of the tree causing many unseen problems.  We can help you catch these and other issues before they become a significant issue.
Age can have nothing to do with the health of your trees and shrubs. Even long life trees like oak trees and magnolia trees and old shrubs like azaleas can succumb to disease and decline.  Preventing the loss of trees and shrubs is something a certified arborist like Chris  or Donavan can help.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Call Today!  251-367-8733

Spraying for insect and fungal pests
Tree installed too deep
Soil blown away from trunk
Root management (and remove straps)
Truck with 385 CFM compressor
Air excavation ahead of new home foundation
Root pruning ahead of foundation construction (prevents ripping)
Improper mulching / volcano mulching (do not do this)
Assessing plant health problems